Your Dog’s Daily Walks Provide Hidden Benefits

Your retriever mix Barkley could give Olympic race walkers some competition. On his regular neighborhood walks, your four-year-old dog trots briskly through the streets like he’s vying for the canine speed record. Your Raleigh, NC veterinarian is pleased that Barkley’s workout program has been so effective. Besides strengthening his muscles and keeping him flexible, your companion’s regular jaunts have brought some surprising rewards.

Better Digestion, More Desirable Weight

Barkley’s digestive system has always been touchy, and he’s occasionally pestered by constipation episodes. Fortunately, your vet monitors these issues. Regular exercise can also help to regulate your dog’s bodily functions. Because he can easily pack on pounds, your canine companion’s frequent walks burn calories and help to keep his weight in the healthy range.

Heightened Self-Confidence

When you encountered Barkley two years ago, he was a painfully shy young dog who hid behind his kennel mates in the shelter’s exercise yard. He also seemed uneasy around other dogs. After you brought this affectionate pooch home, you spent considerable time helping him to become more outgoing with your family.

Next, you introduced him to other friendly dogs and humans. He joined you on many neighborhood walks, dog park trips, and farmer’s market visits. Over time, your timid companion became the most sociable pooch in town. Now, he storms into situations that would have previously sent him into hiding.

Impressive Obedience Skills

Besides lackluster socialization skills, Barkley needed some discipline. When your industrious dog became bored, he turned to your furniture and baseboards for fun. He happily gnawed them into bits of colorful fabric, white stuffing, and wooden shards. Your healthy eighty-pound companion also leaped on your friends while greeting them, a behavior that largely banished your social invitations.

Completely desperate, you booked your “wild child” canine into a basic obedience class. He jumped into the course with both feet, eagerly mastering every required behavior. When he earned that coveted Course Completion Certificate, you showed it off like a proud parent. Now, you take your obedient pooch everywhere, and you don’t have to worry about his next jumping victim.

When Barkley recently visited your Raleigh, NC veterinarian, the vet was thrilled that your dog had acquired some manners. You’re certain his regular walks played a large part in his transformation. If your canine companion needs to shape up, contact us for expert advice.

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