Your Cat Will Appreciate a Delicious, Nutritious Diet

Your brand-new cat Sally just experienced some major good luck. Several days ago, you brought this spunky five-year-old girl home from your city’s animal shelter. When she arrived, you presented her plush cushioned bed, handmade collar, and an entire basket of toys. After briefly tussling with a wind-up mouse, she rapidly explored every corner of the house. Most importantly, Sally visited your Wake Forest, NC vet, who gave her a new patient exam and prescribed a balanced adult cat diet.

Body-Supporting Proteins

Sally’s cells, tissues, and organs are the foundation of her body. To operate smoothly, these structures need consistent supplies of high-quality protein. Animal-derived proteins are especially desirable. Ideally, your cat’s food will contain beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, fish, or eggs.

Energy-Packed Carbohydrates

Sally’s regular exercise keeps her fit. To maintain this vigorous lifestyle, carbohydrates frequently deliver energy to her body’s tissues. Carbs also support a healthy reproductive cycle, although that’s not so important because she’s been spayed. Researchers haven’t determined a feline carb requirement. However, your active cat needs a certain amount of glucose to support her brain and other vital organs.

Multifunctional Fats

Versatile fats perform several functions for your healthy adult cat. Fats help her body’s cell structures maintain their integrity. Fats insulate her organs from extreme heat or cold; and fats protect those same organs from injury. Most surprisingly, fats provide the densest form of energy, much more concentrated than proteins or carbs.

Minerals and Vitamins

Minerals provide Sally’s bones and teeth with integrity and strength. These essential nutrients balance her body’s fluids and regulate her metabolism. Vitamins also assist in good metabolic function.

Vitally Important Water

Sally’s body must receive an unlimited supply of clean water daily. In fact, water is so critically important that it comprises 60 to 70 percent of her body weight. If your cat suffers a 10 percent decrease in her body’s water, she’ll become very sick. If her body’s water drops by 15 percent, she could easily die. Keep your active cat well hydrated to avoid this terrible result.

As Sally continues through adulthood, and eventually becomes an elegant senior cat, your Wake Forest, NC vet will provide consistent physical checkups and handle developing issues. She’ll modify your feline companion’s diet to reflect her evolving nutritional needs. To provide your cat with top-notch nutrition, contact us for expert advice.


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