Responsible Pet Ownership Month

Since prehistoric times, we humans have enjoyed having a companion to share our den. After a long day of hunting mammoth, what could be better than sitting around a cozy fire with a fiercely protective canine to face the night?
In more modern times, wagging tails and loud purrs help us alleviate stress, loneliness, and boredom. Most of all, our canine and feline companions provide us with the unconditional love we all crave. In return, we have a great responsibility to provide for their health and well-being.
This obligation begins at the moment we decide to bring a pet into our home, and this commitment extends through a lifetime. It is crucial to make certain we can provide the sort of home & lifestyle appropriate for the breed we fancy—whether a purebred or a rescued pet.
From the outset, puppies and kittens need adequate nutrition, vaccinations against preventable diseases, proper identification, and parasite protection. In this age of pet overpopulation, spaying and neutering is a crucial step to take to avoid unwanted litters, along with potential health problems later in life.
Let’s not forget our pet’s socialization needs throughout all life changes and stages. Failure to provide for our pet’s emotional well-being could result in behavioral problems, which, tragically, are the primary reason why pets are surrendered to shelters.
Senior pets need & deserve our special attention as well. More than ever before, we can provide increased mobility and relief from pain for those golden years. Regular veterinary check-ups, wellness exams, and preventative care go a long way toward helping your pet enjoy every day spent by your side!


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