The Soft Kitty Guide to Great Kitten Care

Are you familiar with the Soft Kitty song? This beloved children’s song about kitties has recently regained popularity, and is one more example of how popular kitties are on the internet. Of course, with those adorable little faces, charming antics, and endearing meows, it’s no wonder that kittens have us so enchanted! This cute little tune can actually provide some great insight into proper kitten care. Below, a Raleigh, NC veterinarian discusses great kitten care.

Soft Kitty

Feeding your tiny furball a nourishing, high-quality diet will help her coat stay soft and shiny. While cats are very good at grooming themselves, you may want to give your little one a hand by brushing her gently or even bathing her. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Warm Kitty

Cats run a bit warmer than we do. The average body temperature for our feline friends is between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees °F. This doesn’t keep kitties from sprawling out in sunbeams or curling up in fresh, warm loads of laundry! Kittens also enjoy snuggling up to us, perhaps because we are also nice and warm. Let your furbaby cuddle up to you at naptime if she likes.

Little Ball of Fur

Kittens are very curious! To keep your tiny explorer safe, you’ll need kittenproof your home. Secure or remove toxic plants, household chemicals, medicines, plastic bags, cords, and any small objects that could present choking hazards. Remember to keep appliances, such as toilets, closed.

Happy Kitty

Play with little Fluffy every day, and offer her plenty of fun toys. To make your home a feline paradise, get some cat furniture, such as kitty towers or tents.

Sleepy Kitty

Our feline friends certainly love to sleep! Kitties love dozing in sunbeams and in cozy beds or blankets. Offer your drowsy furball plenty of comfy napping spots. A kitty tent with a soft fleece blanket is one great option.

Purr Purr Purr

Keep little Fluffy happy and healthy by providing her with a good, nutritious diet; fresh water; proper veterinary care; and a clean litterbox. Cuddle your kitten, pet her, and talk to her in a gentle voice so she feels loved, safe, and secure.

Whether your kitten is warm, soft, sleepy, happy, or all of the above, we are here to serve all her veterinary care needs. Call us, your Raleigh, NC vet clinic, today!

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