5 Warning Signs That Your Dog Needs Dental Care

Did you know that our canine friends can develop many of the same dental problems as people can? Fido can suffer from many different dental issues, including cracked, misaligned, or infected teeth; abscesses; and gum disease. Some of these problems can be quite serious, as they can cause your furry friend pain, make it difficult to chew and eat, or even exacerbate other health conditions. Gum disease, for instance, is a particular concern, because the infection can move from Fido’s mouth to his major organs. Read on to learn about some common signs of canine dental problems in this article from a local Raleigh, NC veterinarian.


We know, some dogs are naturally rather slobbery, but if your canine buddy starts drooling more than he used to, it could be a sign of dental problems. Stringy or bloody drool are also red flags.

Visible Tartar

Does Fido have gunk built-up on his teeth? If so, he probably needs to get those choppers cleaned. A good deep cleaning will remove that tartar, which will reduce inflammation and help fight bacteria and infections.

Bad Breath

Mint-fresh breath has never been one of Fido’s charms, but if your pet’s doggy kisses make you cringe, your pooch might need some dental work. Bad breath is one of the most common symptoms of dental issues in dogs.

Loss of Interest in Toys/Food

If Fido’s teeth hurt, he may lose interest in playing fetch or gnawing on his chew toys. He may also begin to gravitate towards softer food, and eat less or more slowly at dinner.


Visible swelling or inflammation can also be indicative of doggy dental woes. Watch for tenderness or signs of swelling.

Doggy Dental Care

To keep your pup’s teeth healthy, we recommend brushing Fido’s not-so-pearly whites regularly, using a doggy toothbrush and pet toothpaste. If your pet won’t sit still long enough to get his mouth cleaned, ask your vet for advice on giving him dental-formula treats or kibble. Chew toys can also help, as they keep your dog’s jaws strong and promote saliva flow. Making sure that your pooch has plenty of fresh water is also important.

Do you know or suspect that your canine pal has dental issues? Does Fido have any of these symptoms? Call us today! As your Raleigh, NC animal clinic, we are always here help.

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