Things That Really Annoy Your Cat

Do you have a cat? If so, chances are you could tell a few cute stories about your kitty’s particular quirks and adorable mannerisms. While cats all have their own unique characteristics and personalities, many of our feline friends share some specific likes and dislikes. Read on to learn about some of Fluffy’s pet peeves in this article from a Wake Forest, NC veterinarian.

Attention Done Wrong

Kitties can have some very specific preferences when it comes to getting attention. Some of our feline friends are little cuddlebugs who will jump onto your lap at every chance they get. Others will tolerate being petted for a few moments, but get annoyed quickly. Some kitties don’t like being handled at all. Get to know your cat, and honor Fluffy’s preferences.

Other Cats

Fido may love going on playdates with his canine buddies, but Fluffy isn’t quite that sociable. While some kitties can become the best of buds, not all of our feline friends enjoy one another’s company. Many cats get extremely agitated at the sight of another kitty. If a strange cat invades your pet’s turf, don’t be surprised if your kitty morphs into a furry little ball of rage.

Dirty Litterboxes

Cats are great about discretely seeing to their own potty needs. Fluffy will do her business privately in her own bathroom. Our feline friends definitely prefer that their powder rooms be kept nice and tidy. Some cats will even refuse to use a spoiled litterbox. Make sure to keep that litterbox clean!

Loud Noises

Kitties can be quite jittery. It doesn’t take much to trigger Fluffy’s fight-or-flight instincts. If you accidentally drop a dish, you may see a furry blur of movement as your feline pal bolts for the safety of the closet or that spot below the bed!


While there are some cats out there that actually enjoy water, they are the exception, rather than the rule. Fluffy’s hatred of water may be linked to threats water poses for cats: hidden predators, currents, and cold or deep water are all very dangerous to kitties! Or maybe cats just know they look a bit silly when they’re sopping wet. Whatever the reason, most of our feline friends absolutely despise getting wet!

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