Winter Care for Kitties

Are you ready for winter? Many pet parents enjoy settling in on cold nights with their feline friends purring on their laps. Fluffy may look adorable in her fur coat, but that doesn’t mean she’s impervious to cold. In fact, winter brings some very specific hazards for our feline friends. In this article, a Raleigh, NC veterinarian offers some advice on caring for your kitty in winter.


Your furball will probably spend a good chunk of winter curled up in a little ball, perhaps dreaming of catnip mice and warmer weather. Pamper your feline buddy a bit by offering her several cozy napping spots.

Senior Furballs

If your kitty is in her golden years, you may want to take a few extra steps to keep her warm and cozy. Consider getting a heating pad or heated bed for her to snuggle up on. Pets with arthritis may benefit from certain supplements, such as fish oil, which helps lubricate bones and joints. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Basements and garages are popular spots to put litterboxes, as they’re out of the way. Just be sure that Fluffy’s accommodations aren’t in a very cold or drafty spot. No one likes a chilly bathroom!

Outdoor Cats

We recommend that kitties live indoors, but if you do let your feline buddy go outdoors, you’ll need to take a few extra precautions. Make sure your furbaby has shelter outside, in case she is ever caught out in the cold. You can use a simple plastic storage tote for an emergency cat shelter. Just cut a hole in the side, and add blankets. We also advise keeping your furry friend indoors after dark, on very cold days, and whenever bad weather is on the way.


Many stray cats try to stay warm on winter nights by huddling up under cars. Check your wheel wells before starting your vehicle, and bang on the hood a few times.


Antifreeze is very toxic to our furry pals. Unfortunately, it has a taste that many cats like. Be sure to take care of any stains and spills right away. Use kitty litter or sand to cover damp spots.

Do you have any questions about your cat’s health or care? Does Fluffy need shots or an examination? Call us today! As your local Raleigh, NC vet clinic, we are always happy to help!

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