New Year’s Resolutions Inspired by Pets

Happy New Year! Are you setting some new goals for yourself this year? It’s always wonderful to set new personal objectives, and strive for growth and self-improvement in the coming months. Your furry pal may be able to help. In fact, our pets can be quite inspirational! In this article, a local Wake Forest, NC vet lists some great resolutions we can borrow from Fluffy and Fido.

Stay Active

Our furry friends can be quite frisky! Fido may jump for joy and race around the house just for fun, while even the sleepiest kitties sometimes get the ‘zoomies’ or act super playful. Incorporate your pet into your fitness goals: take Fido for long walks, and work a few crunches in when you’re playing with your cat.

Have Fun

It doesn’t take much to make our furry friends happy. Fluffy often loves chasing catnip mice or crumpled-up paper balls, while Fido can have the time of his life just by playing fetch. Remember to take some time just to have fun!

Be Loyal

Dogs are amazingly loyal, and stick by their human friends through thick and thin. Fluffy may have a reputation for being aloof, but she can also be fiercely loyal in her own way. Be loyal to your loved ones.


Many people are very busy these days, and often get by on less sleep than they need. Make sure to get enough rest!

Show Your Love

Pets can be very loving. Fido’s tail may start thumping if you so much as look at him, while Fluffy is an expert cuddler. Show your loved ones you care!


Our furry friends can be quite adventurous. Fido may enjoy visiting new places on his walks, while Fluffy will investigate every nook and cranny of her domain. Carve out some time to go somewhere new this year.

Be Supportive

Our pets are a great source of comfort in hard times. Fido may stick close to you when you’re down, or put a paw on your leg to show his support, while Fluffy may soothe you with kitty kisses and a gentle purr. Be there for loved ones who are having difficulties.

All of us here at your local Wake Forest, NC animal clinic want to wish you a wonderful and prosperous new year. Please contact us with any questions about your pet’s health or care.

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