Teaching Your Kitten Not to Bite

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Good for you! We are always thrilled to see cats going to wonderful homes. You’re certainly in for a lot of cute moments with your new feline friend. As a good kitten parent, you’ll need to teach your baby furball proper petiquette now, while she’s little. It’s much easier to teach kittens to play nice than to correct bad habits in adult cats! One thing that should be addressed is rough play. A local Raleigh, NC vet offers advice on how to teach your kitten not to bite in this article.

Encourage Good Manners

If you want your kitty to play nice, you’ll need to provide proper playthings for her to take her aggression out on. Cats are hunters by nature, so the urge to stalk, pounce, and attack is very strong in them! Offer your little furball plenty of suitable kitty toys, and get her some furniture, such as a cat tower. Also, play with Fluffy every day to tire her out and burn off some of that extra zoom.

Nip Bad Petiquette In The Bud

If Fluffy pounces on your foot, bites your hand, or attacks you in any other way, tell her ‘No’ in a firm tone of voice. It may also be helpful to tell her to put her claws away. Then, immediately walk away and ignore your kitty until she decides to play nice. It may take time, but your frisky furball should get the hint eventually. If your feline pal doesn’t seem to be learning, try putting a taste deterrent on your hands. You can find them at most pet stores.

Helpful Tips

Never punish your cat for playing rough. Kitties don’t think the way we do, so your feline friend may not associate her behavior with your reaction, and might not understand what she did wrong. Therefore, punishing your kitten may just make little Fluffy feel scared or angry, which can cause even more problems. Focus on the positive by rewarding good behavior with praise, toys, and treats. Give your little furbaby lots of love, cuddles, and attention, so she grows up feeling safe, happy, and cared for.

Does your cat need shots or an examination? Please feel free to contact us, your local Raleigh, NC vet hospital, anytime. We are here to serve all your feline friend’s veterinary care needs.

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