Caring for a Dog With Poor Sight

Does your pooch have vision problems? Are you considering adopting a specially-abled pup? Dogs can overcome amazing challenges, including poor or even lost vision. Fido’s eyesight can be affected by many things, such as trauma, illness, or inherited genetic or medical issues. It’s also not uncommon for Man’s Best Friend to experience a loss of vision in his golden years. Proper and regular veterinary care is of course crucial for all dogs with medical conditions, and this is certainly the case here. When it comes to home care, however, you may just need to make some minor changes to keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and safe. In this article, a local Wake Forest, NC vet offers some tips on caring for dogs that can’t see well.

Don’t Rearrange

Avoid rearranging your furniture. Fido will be much more confident if he knows where things are. If you do move things around, do so slowly: move one object, and let your dog get used to the new setup before changing anything else. We also advise using runners to help Fido find his way from room to room.

Keep Floors Clear

Don’t leave sharp or dangerous objects in spots where Fido may come into contact with them. Also, keep your floors clear of objects that may trip your canine pal.

Use Gates

Baby gates are a great way to keep Fido out of unsafe areas, and stop him from falling down stairs. If you have a pool, keep it gated as well. Open water is extremely dangerous for pets with poor vision!

Approach Loudly

Never sneak up on your furry buddy. Talk slowly as you approach your pet, so Fido knows you’re coming towards him.

Put Bells On Other Pets

If you have other furbabies, put little bells on their collars, so Fido will know where they are.

Keep Fido’s Leash Short

When walking your canine pal, keep his leash short, so Fido stays close to you.

Let People Know

If you have visitors, make sure they know that your dog is blind, so they don’t accidentally scare him by sneaking up on him.


Most of all, make sure Fido feels safe and loved. Talk to him, pet him, and spend time with him every day.

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