Life Hacks for Dog Owners

Dogs are truly a blessing. Our canine friends offer us undying loyalty and unconditional friendship. Man’s Best Friend stays by our sides through thick and thin, asking for nothing more than a full dish, some walks, and the occasional belly rub. Caring for our furry pals does require a good bit of work, although it’s certainly well worth it. We can help! Read on for some great life hacks for dog owners from a local Raleigh, NC veterinarian.


If your dog ever gets away from you in a field or large open area, don’t chase him: he may think you want to play, and just run faster. Instead, lay down. Fido may think you’ve hurt yourself, and come back to see if you’re okay. That said, this hack does not negate the need for proper training: the best way to keep your pooch from running away is to make sure he knows–and obeys–basic commands such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down.

Bathing Mess Buster

Get a clear shower curtain to use during Fido’s baths. Cut two vertical slits for your arms to fit through. This will work as a splashguard when your pooch is in the tub.

Door Scratch Protector

Does your pet sometimes scratch at the door? Get a sheet of heavy plastic, such as a desk covering, and attach it to your door.

Pet Fur Buster

Use a squeegee to get Fido’s fur off your furniture or carpet. A dry sponge or sponge-mop also works very well!

Pill Time

Having trouble getting Fido to take his medication? Trying putting some spreadable cheese on your pet’s pill. Fido may swallow it before he realizes what he’s eating. Another option is to teach your pet to catch small bits of kibble with his mouth. When it’s time for his medication, toss him several tiny snacks, then sneak a pill in.

Car Hack

Keep a backpack in your car with some basic doggy supplies: a leash and collar, your pet’s paperwork, a foldable water bowl, plastic baggies, treats, and a first aid kit. That way, you’re always prepared to bring your furry best friend out and about with you.

Do you have any questions or concerns about caring for your dog? Call us, your Raleigh, NC animal clinic, today! We are happy to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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