Helping Multiple Cats Get Along

Do you have more than one cat? If so, are your pets getting along? Kitties can become very close. Some cats really enjoy having a feline buddy to play with and cuddle up to. However, not all of our feline friends are quite that sociable. In fact, Fluffy can be both jealous and territorial. In this article, a Wake Forest, NC vet offers tips on keeping the peace in a multiple cat household.


Introductions are a very big deal to cats! When introducing a new kitty into your household, keep your pets separated at first, and make introductions slowly, over the course of several days or even weeks.


Make sure to provide lots of fun toys for your kitties to play with. Cats all have their own specific preferences for toys, so be sure to offer a variety. For instance, Fluffy may like catnip mice, while Mittens may prefer a feather toy.


Many cats hate having to share bathrooms. As a rule of thumb, you should have one litterbox per cat, plus at least one extra.


Take time to play with your cats, both together and separately. Those fun play sessions will burn off your kitties’ excess energy, leaving you with calmer cats. They’ll also help your feline friends form positive associations with one another.

Avoiding Jealousy

Pay all of your cats equal attention. If you get a kitten, you’ll of course want to spend lots of time cuddling and playing with the little one. However, your resident feline will feel lonely, jealous, and left out if she isn’t also getting affection.


Saying that cats like to nap is a bit of an understatement: kitties can sleep as much as 20 hours a day! Provide plenty of soft beds and cozy napping spots for your pets to snuggle up in.


Feeding multiple cats can be tricky, particularly if they have different dietary needs. Each cat should have her own bowls. If your pets eat different types of food, you may want to feed them in separate areas, and give them their meals on set schedules. For instance, feed Fluffy in the laundry room, and give Mittens her dinner in the kitchen.

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