Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

Does your dog make a clicking noise when he runs across the floor? If so, your pup may need a peticure. A local Raleigh, NC vet discusses clipping Fido’s nails in this article.

Why Nail Trims Are Important

Overgrown nails are actually quite problematic for dogs. For one thing, they can make it hard for Fido to get traction on slippery surfaces. Long nails are also quite painful, so dogs sometimes adjust their gait to avoid discomfort. Over time, this can be very bad for your canine buddy’s bones and joints, and can even contribute to painful medical conditions, like arthritis or hip dysplasia.


A good pair of clippers is definitely worth the investment. If you’re nervous about clipping Fido’s claws, consider getting a pair with sensors, which will indicate exactly where to cut.


Teaching Fido to Gimme Paw or Shake can make manicure time easier for you.

Making The Cut

If you’re not sure exactly how to cut your pup’s nails, ask your vet for a demonstration. Another method is to start by making small, shallow cuts. Carefully inspect each trimming. When you start to see a pale oval appear, stop.

Be Prepared

You may have heard that if you cut Fido’s nail too short, you’ll cut into the quick, which can cause bleeding and pain. Always be prepared: keep styptic pens or powder on hand, just in case.

Bright Light

Be sure to choose a well-lit area for Fido’s manicure session, so you can see what you’re doing.


Does Fido run when he sees the clippers? You may need to work on desensitizing him. Ask him to give you his paw, and touch his nails with the clippers. Then, give him a treat and let him go.


Don’t forget to give Fido a treat after his nails are done!


If you’re not having any luck, consider teaching Fido to file his nails. First, make your puppy a nail file by attaching sandpaper to a board. Start by placing a treat in a place that will encourage your pet to scratch the board. Treat and repeat!


Still no luck? Call us to set up a quick nail trim!

Do you need to schedule a peticure for your pup? Call us! As your local Raleigh, NC animal clinic, we are here to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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