Fluffy’s Favorite Things

Cats are very fun and adorable pets. Fluffy is not only super cute, she’s also very clean. Another great thing about having a cat is that they are quite easy to care for. Providing your pet with good food, a clean litterbox, and proper veterinary care will take care of her most crucial needs. But what do cats really like? We all know that kitties like catnip and tuna, but those aren’t the only things that can activate the purr. A Wake Forest, NC veterinarian lists some of the things kitties love in this article.


Our feline friends certainly enjoy sunbathing. In fact, Fluffy often schedules her morning naps to coincide with the appearance of her favorite sunbeam!


Theoretically, Fluffy’s fondness for boxes probably stems from the fact that cats feel comfortable in enclosed spaces. We’re not entirely convinced, however: many kitties seem to enjoy squishing themselves into boxes that are several sizes too small. Whatever the reason, our feline friends seem to really like boxes!


We all know what Fluffy’s favorite pastime is: napping. Our sleepy feline friends can snooze up to 20 hours a day! Offer your drowsy pet plenty of soft, comfy beds.


Cats have a reputation for being cold and aloof, but that really isn’t fair. Some kitties absolutely love to snuggle and cuddle with their owners!

Sneak Attacks

Your housecat may only ‘hunt’ the occasional catnip mouse, but the instincts to stalk and pounce are very strong in our feline friends. Cats love to playfully ambush their owners with sneak attacks!


Even if Fluffy wouldn’t know what to do if a bird ran out in front of her, she will probably still enjoy birdwatching and daydreaming about hunting.


As the old adage says, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Our feline friends certainly agree with this one!


Just like people, cats all have their own personalities. Some kitties are quiet, while others are essentially furry little chatterboxes. But even if Fluffy doesn’t talk back, she’ll know you’re paying attention to her when you talk to her.


Cats don’t mind getting comfortable on our things, but they really enjoy some pieces of their own. Buy or make your kitty some pet furniture.

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