Is a Senior Pet Right for You?

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? Older pets often have a very hard time getting adopted. This is very sad, because senior pets can make absolutely wonderful animal companions. If you are looking to adopt a new pet, you may find that a dog or cat in their golden years is a perfect match for you. Here, a Raleigh, NC vet discusses senior pets, and explains why they are such terrific choices.

Calm Temperament

Just like people, dogs and cats tend to slow down as they grow older. Pets in their golden years really just want somebody to love them, cuddle them, and pay attention to them. This sweet, friendly demeanor is one reason that senior pets make such wonderful animal companions. An old dog slowly wagging his tail is almost impossible to resist!

Less Active

Kittens and puppies are super cute, but they are also very playful and frisky. Keeping up with these furry bundles of zoom can be quite challenging! Older pets, however, tend to be more interested in naps and ear scritches than in chasing tennis balls or pouncing on your toes. They’re a great choice for seniors, apartment dwellers, and anyone with mobility issues.

Great Resume

Senior dogs and cats that are up for adoption have usually been pets before. Fido will likely already be housebroken, and may very well know important commands, like Sit, Stay, and Lay Down. Being able to skip puppy training can be very beneficial! Of course, since most cats are already litterbox trained, training may not be as much of a concern with Fluffy. However, your feline friend will be an expert napper!

Lifelong Friendship

Older pets are just as capable of offering unconditional love and devotion as kittens and puppies. In fact, many of them absolutely adore their owners! People often report that the senior pets they’ve adopted are super cuddly and affectionate.

Cuteness Factor

Dogs in their golden years are super cute. Actually, these lovable furballs are just as charming as kittens and puppies! Fido may just want to nap at your feet, or calmly plod along beside you on your daily walks. Senior cats are also quite adorable, and are often chock-full of purrs!

Do you have questions about caring for a senior pet? Contact us! As your Raleigh, NC animal clinic, we’re happy to help!

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