Tips for Boarding Your Pet

Are you going away for the holidays? If so, you may very well decide to put your furry best friend in a kennel while you are out of town. You will be able to enjoy your vacation and rest assured, knowing your beloved pet is safe and well-taken care of. Below, a Wake Forest, NC vet lists some tips for boarding pets.

Trial Run

Before you take a long vacation, bring your pet to the kennel for a shorter stay, like an overnight visit. That way, when you do leave town, your furry friend will already be familiar with their hotel.


Every kennel operates a little differently, so you don’t want to make any assumptions about what you should and shouldn’t pack. For instance, some kennels allow you to bring your pet’s bedding, while others use their own. Ask what you should pack for your pet.

Clear Instructions

Write out any special instructions clearly and concisely. You probably don’t need to tell the kennel staff that your cat hates vacuum cleaners. However, they should definitely know if Fluffy has arthritis.

Ask Questions

Take care to read any paperwork you are given, and, if you have to answer questions, read them carefully. It’s important to understand the kennel’s policies on things like contacting you and emergency procedures. Also, be sure you know when you can drop off and pick up your pet.


When booking your pet’s stay, find out what the kennel’s schedule will be for feeding and playing with your pet. If it’s significantly different from what you do at home, get your dog or cat used to their new routine before you leave town.


When dropping your pet off, you may be tempted to hug your dog or cat and cuddle them as you say goodbye. We know, it’s hard to leave that adorable furry face behind! However, long, drawn-out farewells can actually make it harder for both you and your pet. Keep your goodbyes short and sweet. Also, bring your pet to the kennel on an empty stomach. Being in a new environment is a big change for our furry pals, and you don’t want Fido or Fluffy getting an upset tummy.

Happy Holidays! Do you need to board your pet? Call us! As your Wake Forest, NC animal hospital, we’re here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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