New Year’s Resolutions for Cats

2016 is officially a wrap! As we start off a brand new year, millions of people are setting new personal priorities for the coming 12 months. If you’re starting the year out with a kitty at your side, there’s a pretty good chance that your pet will sleep through most of today’s holiday festivities. However, that doesn’t mean that Fluffy doesn’t have an agenda of her own for the coming year. Read on as a local Wake Forest, NC vet lists some resolutions for cats.

Perfect Sleeping Skills

Cats are expert nappers. Our sleepy feline friends can sleep up to 20 hours every day! However, even if your kitty has had lots of practice, she may still want to beat her own personal snoozing records. Fluffy may also want to explore new napping spots, or try some different positions.

Catch That Mysterious Red Dot

Kitties are super cute when they are feeling playful. Fluffy is certainly adorable when she is trying to catch the red dot from a laser pointer. Your frisky pet may be determined to figure out her elusive prey this year!

Achieve Perfect Fur Distribution

Fluffy’s pretty coat is one of her cutest characteristics. Your thoughtful kitty may want to share the wealth by leaving cat hair on your clothes and furniture.

Work on Pouncing Skills

Playing isn’t just fun for cats: it’s actually very beneficial for them, both physically and mentally. Take time to play with your feline pal every day. It will be great for Fluffy, and we’re pretty sure it will keep you smiling as well.

Monitor The Humans

Our feline friends are very observant. Fluffy may pay very close attention to what you are doing throughout the day, and may even follow you around from room to room. Your vigilant little pet may want to watch you even more closely this year!

Keep Them Guessing

Cats may be unpredictable at times. You just never know whether Fluffy will demand attention, or refuse to let you pet her!

Try Something New

Fluffy may be a creature of habit, but that doesn’t mean she won’t try something new this year. She may experiment with different napping schedules, or even move her daily grooming sessions from morning to afternoon.

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your Wake Forest, NC animal hospital, anytime. We’re here to provide your pet with excellent care!

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