6 Reasons to Play With Your Cat Every Day

Do you have a frisky kitty on your hands? Cats are quite playful, especially when they are young. As it turns out, playing with your feline friend regularly is one of the best things you can do for her. Read on as a local Wake Forest, NC vet discusses some of the benefits of playing with your cat.


While Fluffy may look cute when she’s snoozing, catching Z’s doesn’t provide much in the way of physical exercise. Even a few minutes of jumping, pouncing, and running can help keep your furry friend active.


Although many cats enjoy doing as little as possible, even the laziest kitty can get bored. Pouncing on a feather toy or attacking a catnip mouse can keep your feline buddy amused while you are out.

Mental Stimulation

Cognitive decline isn’t uncommon in old age, for either people or cats. Fluffy can’t really do crossword puzzles to keep her mind sharp, although she may very well sprawl out on top of yours. Playing offers kitties beneficial mental stimulation. Your pet has to really focus to nail those tricky jump/pounce combinations! This will help keep your pet’s mind healthy as she ages.

Defeat The Zoomies

Do you have a furry bundle of zoom on your hands? If your pet is constantly hiding behind the couch to ambush you as you walk past, or can’t resist batting at things, Fluffy may have a bit too much energy. Playing will help her burn off some of that zing, so you’ll have a calmer pet.


Cats may be a bit arrogant at times, but at the end of the day, our feline pals only want to feel loved, comfortable, and safe. Fluffy will know that you’re doing something just for her when you dangle that string toy for her to bat at. You’ll be rewarded with purrs, kitty kisses, and snuggles, which are all priceless gifts!

It’s Fun!

Last but not least, playing with Fluffy is just plain fun! Kitties can be hilarious when they are pouncing on a little toy, or chasing after that pesky red dot from a laser pointer. Chances are, you’ll find yourself giggling as you watch your frisky feline attacking her toys.

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