6 Easy Ways to Entertain Your Cat

When it comes to keeping cats happy, preventing boredom may not be the first thing that comes to mind. After all, Fluffy seems purrfectly content doing as little as possible! But, believe it or not, pets can and do get bored. In fact, boredom can be very stressful for cats, and is especially hard on kitties that spend a lot of time home alone. Read on as a local Wake Forest, NC veterinarian lists some ways to keep your pet amused.


Even spending a few minutes batting a toy around will help keep Fluffy active and fit, and can keep her from getting bored. Of course, our feline pals all have their own tastes. Some cats like feather toys, while others prefer catnip mice. Experiment a bit to find out what your kitty likes best.


Offer your cat a comfy napping spot in front of a window with a good view. To make it even more interesting, put a birdfeeder in the yard. Your furry friend will likely spend hours just soaking up the sun and daydreaming about being a ferocious hunter!

Kitty TV

If you leave your cat home alone, turn a TV or radio on for her before you go to work. The sound of voices and music will comfort Fluffy, and help keep her from feeling bored.

Cat Furniture

Our feline friends are very playful when they are little. In fact, younger cats are basically furry little bundles of energy! Give your kitty a cat tower to climb. This will give Fluffy a healthy, appropriate way to burn off her excess zoom. Pet tents and tipis, boxes, and paper grocery bags can also be lots of fun for a frisky kitty.

Kitty Garden

Why not make your feline buddy her own garden? Fluffy may really enjoy peeking out at you from behind green leaves. Check the ASPCA site for a list of safe plants.


Take a few minutes every day to play with your cat. Dangle a feather toy in front of her, or hold a laser pointer for her to chase. This may very well be Fluffy’s favorite part of the day! Of course, this will be fun for you, too!

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