Adorable Ways Your Dog Fools You

Dogs have certainly earned the title of Man’s Best Friend. Fido is not only super cute, he’s also intelligent, loyal, loving, and brave. That said, we do suspect that our four-legged pals have pulled a few fast ones on us from time to time. In honor of April Fool’s Day, a Wake Forest, NC vet lists some hilarious ways dogs prank their humans.


If there was a list of pranks dogs have mastered, fooling us into thinking they’re hungry when they’re not would no doubt be number one. Fido has completely mastered the sad, soulful expression that is so effective at getting us to share our food. That cute furry face can be hard to resist! This isn’t really surprising: after all, our canine pals have had thousands of years to practice!

Not Paying Attention

On the other end of the spectrum, we have dogs that pretend they aren’t interested in food at all. Fido may look away if you spot him staring at your plate, only to look back as soon as you stop watching him. This is often accompanied by an absolutely adorable expression of innocence.

The Walk Fake-out

Has your theatrical pup ever pretended that he really, really, really needs a walk, only to nonchalantly start sniffing grass as soon as he gets outside? Fido’s gotten away with this one more than once! To be fair, fresh air and exercise are both great for our canine friends. Ask your vet for specific advice on your furry pal’s activity needs.


More than one of our canine buddies have been caught taking pretend naps. Fido may seem like he is sound asleep, only to immediately spring up out of his doggy bed at the sound of a food wrapper opening.


Does your dog always come when he’s called? Or does Fido only obey your commands when he thinks there’s a yummy treat in store for him? Many of our four-legged friends have been busted pretending they don’t hear their owners calling them. (Note: teaching your pup to come when called is very important. If you’re having difficulty training your canine companion, consult your vet or a professional dog behaviorist.)

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