Easter Sunday Safety Tips for Your Pet

Easter Sunday is tomorrow! Remember that this holiday, like most, brings with it a host of health hazards for our furry friends. Learn more below from your vet in Wake Forest, NC.

Toxic Food Trouble

All sorts of human foods on your dinner table aren’t safe for pets. The list includes garlic, onions, chives, shallots, scallions, grapes and raisins, certain types of nuts, salty items, fatty foods, and more. Bones, whether cooked or raw, are another hazard—they can splinter apart dangerously when chewed. Also beware of alcohol if your holiday meal will include adult beverages, as pets can experience alcohol poisoning very quickly if they get their paws on a drink. To be safe, keep your pet out of the kitchen entirely during meal preparation and dinnertime.

Beware of Baskets

Hiding Easter baskets around your home? Make sure your kids find them before your pet does! Easter baskets, of course, contain plenty of chocolates, candy goodies, and gum that aren’t safe for pets; these foods can cause serious cases of poisoning even if only small amounts are eaten. In addition, the plastic grass you may line Easter baskets with is a hazard—many pets see this material as a fun thing to play with, but it can cause intestinal obstruction and other problems if swallowed.

Easter Egg Awareness

It’s a lot of fun to include your canine companion on an outdoor Easter egg hunt, but make sure they don’t try to eat the hidden treasure! Dogs can choke on sharp eggshells or even plastic eggs. Plastic eggs, of course, may also contain chocolates or other sweet treats that you don’t want your pet ingesting. Try having your dog wear a leash, and keep a close eye on him.

Avoid Animal Anxiety

If guests are coming to your home this holiday, make sure you keep your pet in mind. For many of our animal companions, the hustle and bustle of holidays can prove quite stressful! Our senior pets are particularly at risk. Make sure your cat or dog has a quiet, out-of-the-way area to retire to if they become overwhelmed when guests arrive. Include a soft bed, multiple blankets, and a few of your pet’s favorite toys.

These aren’t the only hazards that the Easter holiday presents. If you would like more information on keeping your pet safe, we’re here for you—contact your Wake Forest, NC veterinary clinic today.

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