Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Do you have a kitty? If so, you may want to put a little pawprint on your calendar for January 21st. This is a very important kitty holiday! It’s Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If your cute pet could ask about the things she is most curious about, what do you think she would be most curious about? A local Wake Forest, NC vet offers some suggestions in this article.

Why Can’t I Go Out?

Kitties may think that they’re big, vicious predators, but at the end of the day, Fluffy is very small and is vulnerable to a wide variety of threats. As soon as your furry buddy sets her paws outside, she is exposed to dangers posed by cars, weather, wild animals, and other dangers. However, your furball may not understand that.

Where’s My Breakfast?

Fluffy takes breakfast very, very seriously! If you’re late giving your kitty her morning meal, you may very well get an earful from your impatient feline!

Why Did You Disturb My Nap?

If there’s one thing that cats take seriously, it’s their beauty rest. However, sooner or later, you’ll find your furry pal sleeping on something you need: your computer, a chair,

Why Can’t I Catch That Red Dot?

It’s hard not to smile when watching a frisky kitty trying to chase that elusive red spot. Fluffy may never really understand why she can’t catch that mysterious dot!

Why Does The Vortex Under The Couch Eat My Toys?

Do you find a small mountain of cat toys under the couch every time you move it? Fluffy may have been wondering what happened to all her catnip mice!

Where Does My Sunbeam Go On Rainy Days?

Does your pet often take her morning nap in a warm patch of sunlight? If so, she’s in good company. Cats like sunbathing so much one would almost think they run on solar power!

Is Pilot Wave Theory Actually Superior In Terms Of Didactics?

Cats are very mysterious, and have a way of keeping us guessing. It may not be all that shocking to find out that Fluffy is actually quite interested in quantum mechanics. After all, she does seem to have her own laws of physics and gravity!

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