Bulldogs Are Beautiful

Did you know that April 23rd is Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day? These lovable pooches make wonderful pets, and definitely deserve to be celebrated! Below, a Wake Forest, NC vet discusses Bulldogs.


Bulldogs have quite a long history. In fact, the name Bulldog dates back to around 1500, when they turned up in literature as ‘Bondogge’ and ‘Bolddogge.’ They are particularly beloved in Britain, and are considered by many to be an unofficial national mascot. In fact, Winston Churchill was often compared to a Bulldog during World War II, in part because of the determination and stubbornness he shared with the breed. In addition to the English Bulldog, which is the most well-known kind, there are also French Bulldogs, once renowned as ratters. The American Bulldog, on the other hand, is a gentle giant who has a reputation for being a big, goofy lapdog.


Bulldogs are typically very gentle and lovable. These affectionate pooches can be a bit stubborn, but are typically very sweet-natured. They are very patient, and get along great with children. They also do well with other pets. Because of these traits, they make excellent family pets.


Bulldogs do have some specific care requirements. Although Fido will need regular exercise, you’ll have to take care not to overexert him. Because they have very small nasal cavities, Bulldogs can lose their breath quite easily. Overheating is very dangerous for these cute pooches, so shade and cool water are an absolute must in hot weather. And, while Bulldogs may enjoy splashing around in a kiddie pool or wading, they aren’t really well-suited to swimming.


Bulldogs, as you may know, are brachycephalic. This is the term for pups with those cute, scrunched-up faces. They typically have smooth fur, and don’t need a lot of grooming. They’re also one of the only breeds to have naturally short tails.


Bulldogs do have some specific health concerns for owners to be aware of. They are extremely prone to hip dysplasia. They also have a shorter lifespan than many dogs. These pooches can tend to get cysts between their toes, which can be quite painful. It’s also worth noting that they must often be delivered by C-section, due to their large heads. Ask your vet for more information.

Please contact us, your Wake Forest, NC pet hospital, for your Bulldog’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help.

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