5 Things You Learn When You Adopt a Cat

June is Adopt A Cat Month! Are you considering adopting a kitty? If so, that’s wonderful. Getting a new feline friend will be a beautiful and rewarding thing for you. It also may turn into a bit of a learning experience. Here, a Wake Forest, NC vet lists some things you learn when you adopt a cat.

Cats Are Weird

If there’s one thing we know about kitties, it’s that they are chock full of adorable quirks. Some, like Fluffy’s box obsession and her love of naps, are shared by many cats. However, it’s probably safe to say that your new pet will have a few unique characteristics that are all her own. Whether this turns out to be an adorably unique meow, an odd sleeping spot or position, or a bizarre fascination with some random object, your furry friend will keep you laughing—and perhaps scratching your head—with her cute traits.

Nothing Is Sacred

Cats may be small, but they have some huge purrsonalites. Kitties absolutely love exploring nooks and crannies, and have a habit of poking their cute little noses into things that are, well, not their business. Fluffy may sleep on your laptop, attack your new shoes, steal your chair, or even follow you into the bathroom!

Purrs Are Precious

Did you know that cat purrs have some fascinating properties? Fluffy’s engine runs at frequencies that have been shown to improve bone density and promote tissue healing. Kitty purrs are also very relaxing, and can really soothe and comfort people who are going through hard times. (Also, the fact that cats literally vibrate with happiness is super adorable.)

Everything Is A Toy

Keeping your kitty entertained is very important. However, don’t be surprised if your pet has just as much fun playing with a crumpled up paper ball as she does with a catnip mouse. Fluffy has also been known to amuse herself by playing hockey with bottlecaps and ice cubes, and may not be able to resist attacking your shoelaces.

Fluffy Is A Wonderful Pet

Cats have assimilated themselves into well over a third of US homes, and with good reason. They’re cute, clean, lovable, and very easy keepers. They also have adorable faces and absolutely charming purrsonalities. What’s not to love?

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