Litterboxes 101

There are many reasons to love cats, but one of the big ones is the fact that they are so clean. Fluffy will groom herself daily, and will use her litterbox to discretely do her business. However, while it’s great that cats use litterboxes, your pet’s purrsonal powder room definitely won’t improve your décor. Read on as a Wake Forest, NC vet offers some advice on litterboxes.

Multiple Kitties

Our feline pals hate sharing bathrooms! If you have more than one cat, you will need more than one litterbox. The general rule of thumb is one bathroom per kitty, plus at least one extra.

Odor Buster

Fluffy’s powder room will probably never smell like roses, but it doesn’t have to stink up your whole house. The best way to defeat litterbox odors is to simply keep the box clean. Scoop it daily, and replace the litter regularly. You can also try air fresheners, odor eaters, and timed-release scents. Opt for products that destroy scent molecules, rather than covering them. Setting out some pet-safe plants will also help. Check the ASPCA site for options. Last but not least, you can try deodorizing products, such as baking soda, litterbox liners, and sprays.


Litterboxes can be an eyesore, especially in homes without a lot of space. There are some great ways to hide Fluffy’s bathroom. Get an end table, storage tote, or wood or wicker chest. Cut a kitty-sized hole in one side for your pet to get in and out of, and use the doors or cover for cleaning access. You can also hide litterboxes behind folding screens or underneath end tables. Or, look online for custom pieces. There are some really attractive ones out there!

Litterbox Woes

Sometimes, cats start avoiding their litterboxes. This is very frustrating for their people! It also can be a sign that something is going on with your kitty. Dirty litterboxes are often the culprit here. Cats hate dirty bathrooms, and who can blame them? Your pet could also have anxiety, or be dealing with a medical issue. If your feline pal stops using her litterbox, don’t punish her. This will only make her more anxious! Instead, have your vet examine her. If Fluffy gets the all-clear, consult a professional pet behaviorist.

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