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The best Raleigh vet with your furry family at heart.

Our Raleigh animal hospital has served for nearly 50 years because we love what we do. Our combined experience — from surgeries to pain management and nutrition — makes us a great team. We work to stay current with new treatments and technologies, even pet clinical trials, to keep your dogs and cats healthy and happy.

In addition to Continuing Education to keep us cutting-edge in veterinary medicine, we’ve completed accredited courses in reducing fear and anxiety in our dog and cat patients. Our work as your Raleigh vet is all about health, comfort, and compassion.

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The Best Raleigh Vet Hospital for Dogs + Cats

Find us adjacent to the North Regional Library. We’ve been here for nearly 50 years as the cornerstone vet hospital of North Raleigh.

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Raleigh Vet Services

Wellness & Vaccinations

Checkups are a great time to help prevent illness or catch a problem for early intervention. Rabies vaccines are required by NC law....

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Pet Boarding & Grooming

Our spacious boarding kennel is upgraded so we accommodate pets of all sizes & provide a comfortable stay. We also offer pet grooming...

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Pet Allergies & Dermatology

Did you know pets have seasonal and food allergies too? And that parasites or illnesses can cause skin and coat problems? We're itching to see you...

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Laser Therapy for Pain

Pain management with no side effects! Laser therapy is a painless form of treatment which stimulates healing and reduces inflammation...

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Nutrition & Weight Management

Your dog's or cat's diet can be the difference between simply surviving or truly thriving. Good health starts here...

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Vet Surgeries

Our vets are top notch at a range of surgeries from spay/neuter to dental surgeries and ACL repair! We work with the utmost care and keep pets safe...

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Vet Dentistry

Dogs & cats need dentists too! The whole body is affected by oral health. Preventative guidance, teeth cleaning, advanced procedures...

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Animal Hospital Diagnostics

Same-day results for many tests set us apart. We can diagnose problems faster. ***Cancer screening urine test available for dogs.***...

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Veterinary Clinical Trials for Dogs + Cats

Participate in clinical trials, often at no cost to you.

Clinical Trials

Learn About Dog & Cat Care

Know the Warning Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

For dog parents, summertime means long walks and afternoons at the park. It also means high temperatures, hot sidewalks, and a unique set of safety considerations. When the weather is hot, dogs’ internal temperature can rise faster than...

Posted: July 15, 2024

    Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Cat Food?

    You may consider yourself more of a “cat person” or a “dog person” but it turns out that many of us are both. 17% of American households have both dogs and cats, proving that interspecies friendship (or at least tolerance) is...

    Posted: June 30, 2024

      Save $64 on Wellness Exam

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