We are closely monitoring the situation and have evaluated current protocols within our hospital. We are currently open for regular business hours and will continue to see patients for both wellness and sick visits.

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"The good physician treats the disease; the great physician
treats the patient who has the disease."

- William Osler

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Chessie Green

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Chessie Green’s contributions to our animal hospital are diverse. Compassion and a gentle touch perfectly compliment 22 years of going above and beyond for her patients, clients, and various organizations that support both...

Dr. Suzy Brink

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Suzy Brink has been an integral part of our hospital family since 1995. We can sum her up simply: she’s solid in all the right ways. Determined, experienced, and it’s so obvious that animals bring her joy. Dr. Brink’s passion for animals shows...

Dr. Todd Bridges

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Todd Bridges brings an easy-going charm, detail-oriented nature, and a deep respect for animal-human relationships to our clients and four-legged patients. He has been a part of the Falls Village Veterinary Hospital family since 2003...

Dr. Kelly Arthur

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Kelly Arthur brings an upbeat energy and a real love of communication and relationships to our animal hospital. She understands that learning about a pet’s home life is important for cultivating relationships and plans to ensure long term wellness...

Save $64 on Wellness Exam

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