"All creatures are deserving of a life free of fear and pain."

- Maura Cummings

Laser Therapy for Arthritis Pain & More

Reduce Pain, Reduce Prescription Pain Relievers & Speed Healing!

Laser therapy is one of our favorite treatments for both chronic pain, like cat and dog arthritis, and to speed healing in tissues from injury or after surgery. It is non-invasive, painless, extremely safe, and typically only takes a few minutes per session.

Our veterinarians consider laser therapy to be one of the best services we can offer to our furry patients. We love it! Any time that we can reduce the amount of pain medication that pet must take or speed healing after surgeries, thus reducing the risk of any side effects or long-term stress on the liver without sacrificing efficacy, we are all for it.

A vet tech treats a dog for arthritis pain and spondylosis with cold laser therapy in Raleigh, NC

What is Laser Therapy?

We use a brand of cold laser therapy devices known as K-Laser. This wavelength of laser does not produce heat, thus “cold” laser therapy. Unlike over-the-counter red light therapy for pets, it uses infrared light to stimulate metabolic activity within cells which, in turn, has a cascade of positive effects on cellular energy production, cell health, etc. This results in speedier healing and reduced inflammation.

The benefits of laser therapy are cumulative. Some pets will experience improvement of symptoms after one visit, but others may take a few. Typically, we start a routine of treatments with appointments closer together at first, then we’re able allow for more time between treatments for maintenance. Each patient’s needs and response to treatment varies, so the schedule we determine for your dog or cat is unique to him or her.

Appointments are fast and also pretty cute! To keep the patient from looking directly at the laser, we have various sizes of dog and cat goggles, doggy sunglasses basically, that they will wear during their treatment. Most dogs don’t mind a bit, and cats are cats – they tolerate!

We love and recommend laser therapy as a safe, completely non-invasive treatment for dogs and cats with:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip displaysia
  • Degenerative changes in the spine
  • Injuries from trauma
  • Post-op to speed healing – from spays to ACL repairs


What’s the difference between laser and red light therapy?


Dog Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia Treatment TESTIMONIAL

A little dog has great results reducing hip dysplasia pain with cold laser therapy

Sassy had improvement in her pain after just a few quick treatments!

Sassy has recently begun laser treatments and her family could not be more pleased with the results:

“Sassy has hip dysplasia and bad arthritis in her hips. She could not tolerate any NSAIDs. She had stopped playing and running, spending more and more time sleeping. Her back legs started to occasionally collapse underneath her when she walked and sometimes when she just stood. I contacted her doctor to see what could be done. She suggested we try the laser treatment. By the second laser treatment, Sassy was running and playing. After the third treatment Sassy was able to jump up on the sofa, something she couldn’t do for a year or so. She’s a happy, much more active dog again. I recommend this for any dog who’s slowed down and has pain. It’s affordable, there are no negative side effects, and it works! Amazing transformation in just a few sessions.”

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