Boarding & Grooming

Do you need someone to look after your animal family member the next time you have to leave town? Could your furry friend use a pampering session?

Why not trust the skilled, compassionate team at Falls Village Veterinary Hospital? We’ve got all of the care, amenities and perks needed to manage all of your pet’s general care needs. Our full service boarding includes comfortable accommodations, delicious meals, daily exercise and plenty of TLC from our loving staff members. Meanwhile, our professional grooming services will have your four-legged friend looking and feeling great!

Please allow 15 minutes for checking in for baths or boarding, especially if extra services, vaccines, exams are needed for your pet. If you would like to fill out your check-in form in advance, you can print a copy from our forms page:


Our beautiful, spacious boarding kennel has been upgraded to accommodate pets of all sizes and provide as comfortable a stay as possible. Your best friend will be cared for by a friendly face he or she is already familiar with while you are away.

Our guests enjoy a number of amenities, including but not limited to:

  • Individual housing
  • Temperature-controlled areas
  • Dogs are walked individually several times a day
  • Cages are sanitized daily or more often
  • Clean, fresh water is always available
  • Clean bedding is provided and changed regularly
  • We can administer any medication or special care your pet needs

Exercise yard

Traveling can be stressful enough without the added worry of how your pet is doing in your absence. Let the boarding services at Falls Village Veterinary Hospital provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time away. Contact us today to schedule your companion’s next stay with us!

We are very excited about our revamped exercise yard! Now our boarders will enjoy a cushy artificial grass surface. In addition to being more comfortable, it is easier to disinfect and won’t reflect the heat like concrete or gravel. It is surrounded by a brand new, taller security fence.

Check out our blog post for the before and after photos:


Bathing and Brushouts

Falls Village Veterinary Hospital offers professional pet bathing services for dogs of all sizes and breeds, as well as cats of the domestic variety. (No lions or tigers, please!) Proper grooming is essential to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Regular grooming also lets us evaluate the health of your pet’s skin, making it possible to spot potential problems so they can be addressed. Brushouts and “Furminating” help manage thick undercoats. Basic trimming (aka Feet, Feathers, and Fannys) is also available upon request.

Our staff will provide your pet with some healthy pampering. We believe maintaining healthy skin and coat is important to your loved one’s overall health, so we take it very seriously. We also think it should be fun! Our hospital has the latest products (soothing shampoos, creamy conditioners, even argan oil) to ensure that your furry family member leaves looking and feeling his or her very best.


Could your pet use some sprucing up? Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and we will get them primped and polished!


Please note that for the health of all our boarders and patients in the hospital, we require vaccinations to be updated a minimum of a week prior to coming in for boarding or grooming. These include Rabies, DHPP, bordetella and influenza (H3N2) for dogs; and Rabies and FVRCP for cats. Certain exemptions may be made due to age or medical conditions. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.




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