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Allergies & Dermatology

Pet Allergies & Dermatology

Allergies and dermatology are two of the most common reasons why we see many of North Raleigh’s pets. There are a wide variety of reasons why dogs and cats have skin or coat problems with a similarly wide variety of treatments required to address both symptoms and the root cause. Our goal is to work with you to diagnose the problem, then create a custom plan for your pet to cure the illness or provide preventative guidance and maintenance in the event of a chronic situation like allergies.

Dog & Cat Allergies and Sensitivities

Food and/or environmental allergies and sensitivities are very common problems in pets, especially dogs. They can have seasonal allergies just like people, and are often sensitive to the very same things we are. Because of the range of possible triggers for allergies and sensitivities, we can approach tracking down the actual cause of the reaction in a few different, strategic ways ranging from elimination diets for suspected food sensitivities to allergy testing via our lab. Food sensitivities, and how they are managed, play directly into our experience with proper nutrition and how to modify your pet’s meals without sacrificing a well-balanced diet.

Symptoms for these issues range from GI problems like diarrhea to itchy, smelly skin that can often become infected. The good news is once we have determined the culprit, your pet’s allergies and sensitivities can usually be well-managed to keep them happy and healthy.

Cat Allergies and Pet Dermatology Itchy Skin

Dog & Cat Dermatology

Because dermatologic problems can also be a symptom of an underlying condition like hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, or even a parasitic infection like demodex or scabies, it is very important to investigate changes to the skin and coat as outward markers of other issues. Our in-house laboratory allows us to dig deeper into possible causes when necessary, and in a timely manner so we can get to work helping your dog or cat feel better as quickly as possible.

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Symptoms of Skin Problems in Pets

  • Itchy skin
  • Hot spots
  • Hair loss
  • Bumps or pustules on the skin
  • Itchy ears
  • Excessive build up or smell coming from ears
  • Inflamed skin on paws, often between toes/pads
  • Noticable change in coat texture
  • Flaking or scaling of the skin
  • Acne or pimples on the chins of cats

Did You Know?

  • Allergies are a very common cause of itchy skin, and can be divided into three major categories: fleas, environment, and food.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids in your dog’s diet can play a key role in maintaining the health of your dog’s skin as a barrier to allergens and irritants.

Source: petmd.com

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