We are closely monitoring the situation and have evaluated current protocols within our hospital. We are currently open for regular business hours and will continue to see patients for both wellness and sick visits.

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"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

- Hippocrates

Surgery: Spay, Neuter, ACL Repair & more

Experienced Dog & Cat Surgeons

Surgery for your furry family member can be a scary thought. We don’t blame you for feeling that way. We perform a variety of surgeries in our hospital every day, and honestly, we enjoy most of them from a medical perspective. But we completely relate to how you feel, because even though we know everything about the details of a procedure, when it’s our own personal pets, it feels different for us, too. We love and worry about our four-legged friends because our hearts are so involved with them, so we take any surgical procedure with your pets just as seriously.

Caring hands. Compassionate hearts. There’s a reason this is our motto: because what we do with our hands is a direct reflection of how compassionate we feel, not just toward animals, but toward our clients.

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What to Know About Surgery

We perform several different types of surgery. Any time we will be anesthetizing a pet, we first ask that you follow any fasting instructions you’ve been given. A full belly and anesthesia should be avoided.

If a blood panel hasn’t been run recently, we always run a new pre-op panel prior to surgery to be sure that all major organs are functioning well. This is done as a matter to minimize risk. If all looks good, then even our choice of anesthesia used might vary by case or patient to ensure the best results. We’ll administer pain medication before the pet even wakes up, so that they already have a dose in their bodies as soon as surgery is over.

We have a modern surgery suite, and while your veterinarian is performing surgery, our technicians are keeping a constant check on all of your pet’s vital signs, communicating them to the doctor as we go. Surgeries are performed with the utmost care. For many surgeries, you’ll be able to take your pet home the very same day!

Common Pet Surgeries & Procedures

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