“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”

- M.K. Clinton

In-House Diagnostics & Advanced Imaging

Dogs and cats benefit from fast, efficient medical diagnostics just like people do. This seems obvious, right? But perhaps this is even more important with pets in a way because they can’t tell us what’s wrong. We can’t ask them questions, and most animals are pretty stoic about physical ailments in the early stages, so pet owners don’t always see outward symptoms as early as we’d like to. In addition to diagnosing an obvious type of problem like a fracture or advanced thyroid disease which often present with some pretty striking symptoms, we cannot overstate how many times routine or “cautious” diagnostics have revealed a significant illness that allowed for early intervention.

Raleigh Vet Dog Xrays Lab Work Diagnostics, Ultrasounds, and Blood Panels

Nothing else in medicine tells a dog or cat’s health story as quickly as a blood panel. We are able to glimpse how the major organs are functioning, if there are abnormalities in some hormones, if the body is currently fighting off an illness, or if mystery symptoms add up to a tick-borne illness. We sometimes find out that a pet has a UTI, but that wasn’t even the reason for the pet’s appointment!


🎉 NEW: Cancer Screening Urine Test

This is life-saving! We now offer Oncotect cancer screening tests for dogs. Our vets can interpret the results of a simple urine test that detects many common cancers before there are other outward symptoms!

In-House Blood Panels

We’re proud to be a veterinary practice that helps our patients by providing many same-day lab results. Some can be delivered during your appointment time! This is both convenient to you and helpful to us to have fast results. Many veterinary practices send out all of their lab work and receive results in 1-2 days on the most common tests, so we are proud to be among those who can help our patients quickly and with minimal back-and-forth. We do send out to a top, reputable lab for very specialized tests like biopsies and cultures. Some of our in-house labs include:

  • Heartworm and tick-borne illness testing
  • FeLVFIV testing for cats
  • Pre-op panels to verify major organ health before surgery
  • CBC-Chem panels for a more in-depth look at blood counts and serum chemistries

Digital X-rays: Whole Body & Dental

Our digital radiology capabilities exist in two parts: whole body and dental. Both are hugely informative in establishing a diagnosis. We can see not just fractured bones and arthritis, but also intestinal obstructions, masses growing in the body, damage to the roots of teeth, etc. We once found a whole walnut stuck inside a Basset Hound’s intestine!


Dog and cat endoscopy is a great tool for diagnosing possible issues such as gastrointestinal problems. Seeing exactly what is going on is immensely helpful for a timely diagnosis and treatment.


Our team rely on a microscope and trained eyes every day for a wide variety of needs ranging from identifying specific species of parasites to looking for suspicious cells drawn from fine needle aspirates taken from growths. We even spin urine samples in a centrifuge then examine the sediment for signs of crystals as part of a urinalysis.

Diagnostics via Microscope:



Our ultrasound services are provided by East Coast Veterinary Imaging right here at Falls Village Veterinary Hospital. ECVI is the leader in veterinary ultrasound for the Raleigh and surrounding Triangle areas. As Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Radiology, the vets of ECVI are part of an elite group of board-certified specialists (there are fewer than 500 in the world) who have completed an approved Residency Program in diagnostic imaging that includes at least three years of advanced training and intensive study. They are also able to perform other advanced diagnostics such as fine needle aspirates and tissue biopsies of internal organs.

We are very proud to partner with ECVI to provide these specialized, state-of-the-art diagnostics for your cherished pets.


Urine samples taken from dogs and cats can tell us a lot about what might be going on your pet. We evaluate several different areas ranging from pH to the presence of blood, crystals, protein, sugar, white blood cells, etc. in the urine.

Did You Know?

  • Some diagnostics require fasting. Ask us!
  • You can bring a fecal sample in a plastic bag or cup to save time getting your pet’s lab results!

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