We are closely monitoring the situation and have evaluated current protocols within our hospital. We are currently open for regular business hours and will continue to see patients for both wellness and sick visits.

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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals are treated."

- Mohandas Gandhi

Our Management Team

Ginny Rigsbee

Practice Manager

As early as she can remember, Ginny knew she wanted to work with animals in some form or another. After beginning her career as a veterinary assistant, she became interested in the business aspect of veterinary medicine. Now, she works as Falls Village Veterinary Hospital’s Practice Manager and has served in the animal care industry for over 30 years!

Ginny grew up in Southern Pines, North Carolina with her parents and two brothers. She first became fascinated by the animal care world as a child, when she would visit the local veterinarian’s office with her mother. After finishing high school, Ginny attended North Carolina State University before focusing on the business side of the industry and turning her focus to practice management. She was hired here at the hospital in August of 1984, and has happily been tending to the needs of Raleigh’s pets and animal owners ever since.

As a Manager, Ginny feels that she’s done her job well when the clinic has a busy month, pet owners are happy, and pets are feeling their absolute best. Her favorite part of the day is witnessing the hospital running like a well-oiled machine during peak business hours! In addition to her duties here at the clinic, Ginny is the practice management chairperson for the North Carolina Veterinary Conference held right here in Raleigh and also runs her own small business braiding and clipping horses.

Ginny and her husband, Kenny, have a daughter named Jordan and two sons named Brian and Justin. The family shares their lives with a dog, Bailey; five cats named Jinx, Cleo, Zeke, Zoey, and Butter; and a horse named Cotton.

Millie Pinto

Lead Customer Service Representative

Millie has over 30 years’ experience in the veterinary field and has worked in many areas of private practice, specialty as well as emergency medicine, from Kennel Assistant, Veterinary Technician, Surgical Supervisor, Reception and Front-End Management.  She has a very strong passion for animals and prides herself on her abilities to connect with them as well as their owners; providing superior customer service has always been of paramount importance in any hospital environment she has worked in coast to coast

Millie, her husband and daughter share their home with a plethora of fur babies, which include 3 dogs – Roadie, Nina and Willow, 8 cats – Carli, Sam, Bella, Merlin, Salvador and Freddie Mercury, Luna and her most recent hospice kitty, Rickie.  The family also has a mini pig – Tilly; they have also shared their homes with a multitude of exotic animals over the years as well.  Millie is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the state of NC.

While Millie is not at work, she enjoys traveling with her family, shopping and spending time with her precious pets.

Julie Pellicore

Study Coordinator

Julie has filled a variety of roles since first coming to work at Falls Village in 1999. When our hospital began participating in clinical trials for various animal health companies in 2014, Julie took the opportunity to transition into the role of Study Coordinator.

In this position, Julie keeps the various trials organized and recruits qualifying participants. She ensures that we follow Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and all the rules established by the FDA and USDA for the health and well being of enrolled our patients. Julie is passionate about being a part of trials that advance veterinary medicine and help pets live healthier lives.

When she isn’t busy keeping us all pointed in the right direction, Julie enjoys spending time with her 3 dogs and her cat, as well as human family members.

We are currently participating in the international INSPIRE study, evaluating an investigational medication to manage Chronic Kidney Disease in cats so they might live healthier lives. For more information please visit http://www.catswithkidneydisease.com or call us at 919-847-0141 and ask for Julie.

Sharesa Spiker

Lead Veterinary Assistant

Sharesa grew up in North Raleigh with her parents and younger sister on a small family farm with their dog, 3 horses, and cats. Sharesa’s passion for animals started young when she joined Eno Triangle Pony Club and became active in 3 Day Eventing. She joined the Falls Village Family in 2010 and worked part time in the kennel while working toward Nursing School before deciding that animal medicine was her passion and started full time as a Veterinary Assistant. She helped in creating and expanding a low stress environment for clients and their furry family members and became Fear Free Certified in 2016.

Lydia Register

Kennel Manager

An NC native; born on the coast, raised in the mountains and settled here in the piedmont region. My passion for animal welfare began on the family farm long ago. In no time, I began volunteering with various rescue organizations. Starting a 501(c)3 of my own in 2016, I expanded my reach from fostering and rehabilitating dogs and puppies in need to including cats, pot-bellied pigs, fowl, goats and more! I’ve obtained a degree in animal husbandry from North Carolina State University but continue to expand my knowledge. Currently focused on canine behavior, I am enrolled in an educational training program that focuses on such. CPDT-KSA is in my future! In 2021, I was lucky enough to spend six months shadowing a national champion Schutzhund trainer. Although not nearly as intense as protection work, I am very excited to apply my training knowledge here to the FVVH kennel! I strive to ensure fear-free practices are applied each and every day so that our guests have a fun and safe environment for their stay. My free-time consists of kayaking, learning piano and sailing out of Beaufort, NC as often as I can!

Matthew Byrne

Assistant Practice Manager

Matt was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and lived there until moving to Raleigh 3 years ago. Matt enjoyed working with the clients and patients for an animal hospital for 14 years, while also running a successful pet and house sitting business. He graduated from Fire Academy, as well as receiving his bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University. Over the years, he has rescued 10 animals; 5 being geriatric (4 dogs and 1 cat), the youngest of those being 12 years old. In his spare time he loves hiking with his black lab Jett, throwing darts, backpacking, landscape photography, cooking, golfing, watching sports, or any outdoor activity. Matt’s thrilled to be joining the team, and continuing his career, at Falls Village Veterinary Hospital.