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Dr. Kelly Arthur

“I enjoy a multi-dimensional approach to animal care. Evaluating animal well-being encompasses medicine as much as it includes a patient’s behavior and enrichment in their home.”

Dr. Kelly Arthur brings an upbeat energy and a real love of communication and relationships to our animal hospital. With an understanding that medical situations and terminology can be a lot to digest in a short period of time, she enjoys finding how her clients learn best in order to really work with them give thorough information to help each family. This, along with her passion for all things science, medicine, and furry, makes her a real asset to our team. We are so happy to have her on board!

Dr. Arthur’s approach to medicine includes an understanding that learning about a pet’s home life is important to the process of working with pet owners to cultivate both relationships and plans to ensure wellness. Early intervention of illnesses and the creation of good preventative habits are important to her, which guide her special interests in nutrition and preventative medicine. She also holds special interest in soft tissue surgery.

Dr. Arthur earned her DVM degree from Colorado State University. Like all the other full-time veterinarians on our team have experienced before her, we are happy to be a home for her to launch her career caring for your furry family members. We know you’ll love her as much as we do!

“I really enjoy the challenge of assessing patient health through the eyes of the people that love them most.”

Dr. Kelly Arthur, Raleigh Veterinarian at Falls Village Vet Hospital

Raleigh Veterinarian Dr. Kelly Arthur at Falls Village Vet HospitalAreas of Special Interest:

On A Personal Note…

Dr. Arthur used to blog on DogWellNet. Check out her articles!

"I really enjoy the challenge of assessing patient health through the eyes of the people that love them most. With the help of astute clients, we are able to form wonderful bonds and treat the animals that they love."

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