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Why Adopt? 50-80% of Shelter Cats are Killed in Some NC Counties

For cat parents who can’t get enough of their kitties’ snuggles, antics, and nose-boops, it’s almost unthinkable that between 60 and 100 million cats are currently homeless throughout the US. 

The enormous homeless cat population is both tragic and hazardous for ecosystems — and shelters are all too often overburdened. Whether you’re hoping to add a cat to your family or simply invested in the well-being of your local pet population, we can all take steps to build a brighter future for our feline friends. 

The Euthanasia Rate for Cats is High

adopt shelter kittensThough the euthanasia rate is typically lower in metropolitan areas, within an hour of Raleigh, NC are shelters that kill the majority of the cats they take in. Sadly, NC is among the five states that account for 52% of all US shelter euthanasias. The most recent available report from Nash County, North Carolina reveals that a startling 80.5% of cats turned in or picked up by the shelter never left. 

Cats have larger litters and are less likely to have identification, so they enter shelters with a much greater risk of euthanasia than dogs. Saving feline lives in shelters starts at home. 

Vaccinate and Spay/Neuter Your Cat

Interactions between domestic and feral cats lead to unintended pregnancies and spread illnesses like:

Though we are still waiting on a vaccine for some of the diseases that threaten cats, an up-to-date vaccine record is the best line of defense against devastating consequences for indoor/outdoor cats (and escape artists). 

Preventative care doesn’t just benefit your kitty — it keeps disease and homeless kittens out of your surrounding community. 

Microchip Your Cat

Collars can come off — and cats are a great deal less likely than dogs to wear them in the first place. 

Kitties who go missing get a brief 72-hour hold in crowded shelters before facing euthanasia. Microchips help ensure that pet parents are reunited with their lost cats in time. 

Adopt, Don’t Shophomeless cat adoption

The most direct way to reduce the number of animals killed in shelters is to grow your family by rescuing a cat. 

Adoption saves lives — your new best friend may be closer than you think. 

Find a Shelter or Rescue Near Me

Ready to meet your new feline companion or searching for a volunteer opportunity? We’re proud to support these local organizations: 

Support Animals in Need

If you want to support the pet population in another way, consider donating to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund. This program assists with the medical care of pets whose parents are facing financial hardships, as well as those that have been rescued.