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6 Month Heartworm Prevention. 1 Shot.

6 month injectable heartworm prevention infographicHeartworm prevention is an absolute must for pets. The tough part is sticking to the required monthly schedule for giving it to them. It gets even more fun when you aren’t sure if they actually swallowed the tablet or if whatever your other dog is smacking on in the corner is the rejected tablet in question. Fortunately, dogs and their people have a much easier option: an injectable heartworm prevention that only has to be done twice per year. That’s it.

ProHeart 6

The product that allows this simplified and more consistent approach to heartworm prevention is ProHeart 6. We’ve been administering this to our canine patients for a while now, and both their owners and our veterinarians have been very happy with it. It has improved consistency of prevention (a win for your dog!) while having a price point that is very similar to monthly preventatives over the same period of time (a win for you).

How Does it Last 6 Months?

The active ingredient, moxidectin, is delivered to the body in slow-release microspheres. These stay in the body for six months by being stored in your dog’s adipose tissue, or fat. ProHeart 6 has been specifically formulated to give slow, sustained protection from heartworms, so you don’t have to worry about it tapering off during months five and six. Your dog is protected for all six months.

Consistent protection is important throughout the United States, but in the hot, humid southeastern U.S., we really, really can’t afford to be anything but diligent. Mosquitoes transmit heartworms, and the high numbers of them in this part of the country have always meant more cases of heartworm disease in pets than in other areas–even in winter! Year-round protection matters here.

How to Get the 6 Month Heartworm Prevention

Our approach to administering this injectable option is the same as for any heartworm preventative. Your dog needs to have had a current heartworm test done so we know he/she doesn’t already have adult heartworms. The test is done with a small blood sample and also tests for common tick-borne diseases, too. Unlike many vet practices, we are able to run most of our diagnostics in-house using special equipment and tests. Heartworm tests are one type of many that we can give you a result during your visit!

If the heartworm test is negative and a wellness exam shows no other concerning health problems, your dog is likely a great candidate for a ProHeart 6 injection–just like with any other prevention!


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Come see us! We’d love to help you protect your dog from heartworms this year, especially as we enter the most mosquito-heavy seasons.