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Gifts for Dogs and Cats

It doesn’t really matter that pets don’t understand the traditions behind gift-giving. Pet lovers know that their furry kids really do enjoy getting something new. It’s a bright spot in their day—something new to explore or taste or get cozy with. Just ask your dog who loves to inspect your shopping bags or watch you open boxes. Ask your cat who’s clearly begging to play with the packaging or taste the new treats right meow. They will answer.

Gifts for dogs and cats, especially around Christmas, are common items to put on your list. We have a few ideas for what your pets might love! *Note that this list is not sponsored—just a few of our favorite things!

Heated Cat or Dog Bed

Orange cat enjoys his gift of a cat toy

Just like us, as animals get older, they are more likely to feel extra aches and pains during cold or damp weather. Gentle heat can be soothing. The important thing to keep in mind with heated beds is that too much heat can also be a problem, just like you wouldn’t use a hot heating pad on yourself for too long. Keep the temperature settings in mind for longer uses.

There are fewer options on the market for electric heated dog beds, and for good reason. Dogs are chewers. Dogs scratch at their beds. Dogs sometimes urinate on their beds. You’ll likely find many options for “self-heating” dog beds, though. These are designed to reflect heat better than many standard beds, so they might be a good option for your pup. Additionally, you can also find microwavable heat pads to put on their beds. These are designed to provide warmth for several hours.

Orthopedic Beds

Older pets, or those with any issues that cause discomfort in the back or hips can also get relief from a good quality orthopedic bed. These provide the best support.

Busy Mind Toys

Our pets need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and to help satisfy their natural intelligence and behaviors. Fortunately, there are lots of great options for both dogs and cats! These range from treat balls that require interaction to gradually release treats (dogs love these) to puzzles that engage the brain and encourage play.

Healthy, Tempting Treats

Even the pickiest of eaters has favorites when it comes to treats. Gift your pet a special snack that is a sure thing or check out one of your local pet bakeries for a special occasion! If you’re in Raleigh, check out Phydeaux or Woofgang Bakery for simple cookies or fancy pupcakes! If your pet has any food sensitivities, don’t forget to keep these in mind when exploring ingredients.


Sweaters and Coats  

Dog wearing a sweater coat as a Christmas gift

We’re kind of into pets wearing cozy sweaters and coats. It’s cute and can be really practical too. Dogs, in particular, can benefit from this protection from the cold on long walks. Most dogs don’t mind wearing coats, so these are great for them. Cats will probably be less inclined to appreciate the dapper duds, but some tolerate them remarkably well! Just don’t leave them on all day. Cats are natural and fastidious groomers, and a sweater prevents that.  And definitely don’t force the experience if kitty is simply not having it.

Coats are available in materials ranging from cabled wool sweaters to fleece to waxed canvas to repel rain.

GPS Trackers for Collars

Last but not least, a gift that is probably more for you than for your pet in terms of enjoyment. GPS trackers that attach to collars are a great safety measure in the event that your dog or cat escapes. These are not to be leaned on as a replacement for careful oversight, but they can be a great comfort when accidents happen.



Are you planning on gifts for dogs or cats this year? We’d love to see what they get!


PS. Don’t forget to save the box for your little lion or pup to play in. 🎁

Dog looking for dog gift in gift bag