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End-Of-Year Giving for Our Veterinary Care Charitable Fund

‘Tis the season of goodwill and giving. While many businesses are collecting coats, canned goods, and cash donations for great human causes, we’d like to shine some light on pets. In Raleigh, there are many who need help getting veterinary care when they are sick or in pain. Funding treatments for pets who might not otherwise get the care they need is a wonderful way to show your love for animals.

We’ve teamed up with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to integrate their Veterinary Care Charitable Fund (VCCF) into our practice. The fund assists those who are facing personal hardships which prevent urgent medical care for their pet or to help with the vet care of dogs or cats who have been rescued from abuse or neglect or have injuries.

raleigh vet assistance with our veterinary charity fundOur Vet Care Goal

Our goal is to be able to ease pain and suffering in more dogs and cats in the Raleigh, NC area. Sometimes this means life-saving surgeries. Sometimes this means treatments to heal serious illnesses or injuries. Always…it means doing the right thing.

How VCCF Works

The fund allows our animal hospital to collect tax-deductible donations from our community, for our community.  Because AVMA has set this up as a nonprofit organization, it’s a great way to help animals with an end-of-year donation that will also benefit your tax filings. It’s a win-win!

All money donated through Falls Village Veterinary Hospital is only used for the treatment of our patients who our veterinarians find to be in need of assistance in order to get care they’d not otherwise receive. We evaluate this on a case-by-case basis to be sure the funds are utilized where they are most needed.

Let’s Team Up! How to Help Us Help Pets

VCCF is a year-round need. Veterinary emergencies, rescues, and financial hardships are constants. Our hospital does work directly with some local animal rescue groups as part of our charitable goals, but we need your help to fill in the gaps that pets and pet owners can find themselves in. Sometimes life throws curveballs that our furry friends need our assistance with.

If you are able to donate to help local dogs and cats, know that we appreciate your generosity immensely!

Vet Care Charity Fund - Donate Today


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