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What to Do if Your Dog is Injured

Would you know what to do if your canine friend was ever injured? We truly hope this never
happens to any of our clients, but we do want you to be prepared in case of an emergency. While
a serious injury will of course require immediate veterinary care, you may have to provide some
first aid before your dog can be transported. In this article, you’ll read some tips on what to do if
your canine friend ever gets hurt.


Pale gums, quick breathing, unconsciousness, seizures, weak or fast pulse, and difficulty
standing are all signs that a dog needs immediate medical care. Seizures, excessive bleeding, and
a change in body temperature are also red flags. If you aren’t sure if your dog’s injuries require
immediate care, always err on the side of caution, and take your pup to an emergency clinic right

First Aid

In an emergency situation, you may need to act fast to save your canine pal. The last thing you
want to do is scramble for instructions, so we recommend downloading a few pet first aid apps.
That way, you’ll always have the information on your phone.


If your dog has ingested something toxic, call the ASPCA poison control center at (888) 426-
4435. Once they have the details, the staff will be able to advise you on exactly what to do next,
including inducing vomiting, if needed.

Moving Your Dog

Even if Fido is normally friendly and gentle, he might bite if he’s hurt. Talk to your dog before
trying to touch him. If he growls or bares his teeth, you may need to muzzle him. Once your dog
is secure, you can move him into your car. You can use a strong box or laundry basket to carry a
small dog. For bigger pups, use blankets or sleeping bag to make a temporary stretcher.

Call Ahead

Call your emergency clinic before leaving, so they will be expecting you. This will allow
veterinary staff to prepare for your arrival, and may save precious time.


We strongly recommend getting a first aid kit for Fido. The kit should include his papers and
first aid brochures, as well as basic medical supplies, such as gauze, non-stick bandages, and
antiseptic spray.

Please contact us for all your pet’s veterinary care needs! We are always happy to help!