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Alternatives to Giving Pills to Cats

Giving pills to cats can be time-consuming and stressful — for both you and your pet. Nobody questions your devotion to your kitty, as even a minor health scare can seem like a CATastrophe. Hiding pills in soft, yummy food sometimes works, but cats are notoriously finicky. Your Raleigh veterinarian can suggest alternatives to giving pills to cats.

How Else Can I Give Medication to My Cat?

Falls Village Veterinary - Alternatives to Giving Pills to CatsWhen your cat needs medicine, make it easier on yourself and your favorite feline by using an alternative to pills. As a side benefit, your kitty won’t run away whenever you approach because you’ve created a negative association.

You can avoid giving pills to cats altogether. Some medications are now available in other forms that are easier to administer, such as:

  • Liquid medicine
  • Chewable tablets
  • Transdermal medications

Many of these alternatives are available from compounding pharmacies upon request. Some even come in a variety of flavors!

How Do I Administer Liquid or Chewable Medications?

The process for giving your cat liquid medication is similar to giving your cat a pill, but liquid goes down easier. Here’s what to do:

  1. If needed, wrap your little buddy in a blanket or towel.
  2. Don’t tilt your kitty’s head backward, or there’s a risk of inhaling the liquid.
  3. Slip the medication dropper into the side of your kitty’s mouth.
  4. Squeeze the medication toward the back of the tongue.

You may need a helper to hold your fur-baby’s head steady. Once your pet has swallowed the medicine, provide treats or attention as a reward.

Tasty chewable tablets are easier to administer. Mix them with food or give them just like a snack. You can find a variety of medications in the form of flavored chews, including for hyperthyroidism, certain anxiety, pain, and gastrointestinal problems.

What About Transdermal Medication?

You apply transdermal medication directly to your kitty’s skin where it can be absorbed without being licked away, such as on the inside pinna of your cat’s ear. Follow your vet’s instructions for dosage and proper handling. Advantages of transdermal medication for cats include:

  • It’s often more effective and works more quickly than pills.
  • It bypasses the digestive tract, avoiding upset stomachs.
  • It’s more pleasant for your cat than pills or unpalatable liquids.

Currently, medications in transdermal form relieve pain, treat hyperthyroidism or prevent fleas and ticks. There’s even an appetite stimulant for cats who won’t eat. If you’re looking to avoid giving pills to cats, go to our store for cat supplies, where you can find liquid, chewable, and transdermal medications. If you have any questions about these alternatives, don’t hesitate to ask your Raleigh veterinarian.