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- Heradotus

Latest News: Allergies & Dermatology

Pet Allergies and Pet Dermatology Itchy SkinAllergies and dermatology are two of the most common reasons why many people take their dog or cat to the vet. See below for helpful articles about allergies in pets including possible triggers and sensitivities such as food, environment, or season. Dermatologic problems can also be a symptom of an alternate condition such as hypothyroidism or an infection from parasites like demodex or scabies, so it’s important to learn about dog and cat allergy symptoms and follow up on changes your pet’s skin and coat.

5 Tips for Caring for Your Senior Dog

As your dog ages, he may need some extra special care to keep him comfortable. After all, he’ll still be your same furry friend, he’s just ready for a little R&R! Besides being a......

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