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Latest News: Nutrition & Weight Management

Dog and Cat Nutrition and Weight ManagementJust like humans, animals that aren’t at a healthy weight risk a host of complicated health problems developing over time. These problems can range from diabetes to back pain and the long term effects on major organs. We are here to help with your pet’s nutrition and provide the solutions you need. Below are a collection of informative articles related to nutrition and weight management.


Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Cat Food?

You may consider yourself more of a “cat person” or a “dog person” but it turns out that many of us are both. 17% of American households have both dogs and cats, proving that...

Posted: June 30, 2024

    Dog Food Allergy Symptoms That May Surprise You

    You do your best to feed your dog a high-quality, nutritious diet. But what do you do when you begin to suspect that their food may be making your pet sick? Just like humans, dogs can develop...

    Posted: February 15, 2024

    Is Your Holiday Decor Pet Safe?

    As you haul out the holly this holiday season, it’s important to keep your pets in mind. While there isn’t much you can do to keep your cat from stomping through your miniature Christmas...

    Posted: December 15, 2023

      Is it Safe to Give Dogs Table Scraps?

      Holiday meals mean holiday leftovers. It can be hard to ignore your dog’s longing looks as you pack away that turkey and stuffing. After all, what’s the harm in a few bites? As...

      Posted: November 30, 2023

        Why Is My Cat Always Hungry?

        We can count on our cats to let us know when their food bowl is empty, but what do you do when your pet is constantly demanding a second dinner? A big enthusiasm for kibble may simply be a part of...

        Posted: September 18, 2023

          Why Is My Dog Not Eating?

          Meal time is most dogs’ favorite part of the day (second only to seeing their humans come through the door). If your pup has suddenly lost interest in eating, it’s a strong indicator that...

          Posted: April 15, 2023

            Is Wet or Dry Food Better for Cats?

            Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body condition score, glossy coat, and overall quality of life. All pet parents want to give their kitties the very best, but information about pet food is...

            Posted: March 15, 2023

              Why do cats like catnip?

              In the feline world, it’s not a party until someone brings the catnip. While it shouldn’t be used excessively, the herb has a reputation for enticing kitties into a happy stupor that...

              Posted: June 30, 2021