"Of all possessions, a friend is the most precious."

- Heradotus

Latest News: Illness & Disease

Does My Cat Have a UTI?

If you’ve ever experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI), you’re all too familiar with the discomfort, burning, and urgency they can cause. While UTI-prone humans are usually able to...

Posted: May 31, 2024

    Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

    It’s a battle familiar to many people who share their home with both cats and dogs. Despite being generally well-mannered (and certainly well-fed), many dogs can’t resist the urge to...

    Posted: May 15, 2024

      Dog Losing Hair in Patches? Here’s Why

      Finding a bald patch on your canine companion can be alarming, let alone several bald patches. Shedding is a normal part of life with a dog, but sudden, unusual hair loss is not. Patchy hair loss...

      Posted: April 30, 2024

        Do Indoor Cats Need Flea Prevention?

        Even the cleanest, most well-maintained home isn’t immune to fleas. Adult female fleas can lay up to 50 nearly microscopic eggs per day, leaving most people unaware that their space has been...

        Posted: March 15, 2024

          Prophylactic Gastropexy: What You Need to Know

          For humans, bloating is uncomfortable and inconvenient. For dogs, bloat is a life-threatening emergency. When a dog’s stomach fills with food, liquid, or gas, it rotates as it expands. For...

          Posted: February 29, 2024

          Preventing Periodontal Disease in Dogs

          If you’re no stranger to dog kisses, you’ve probably had at least a passing thought about the cleanliness of your pet’s mouth. An average dog’s mouth is home to about 600...

          Posted: October 31, 2023

            Dog or Cat Have a Runny Eye? It Could Be Entropion

            Eyelashes may be virtually weightless, but anyone who has ever had one drift into their eye knows just how uncomfortable this experience can be. If you notice your pet is over-producing tears in...

            Posted: October 15, 2023

              Does My Dog Have an Ear Infection?

              Canine ear infections are most commonly associated with floppy-eared dogs like beagles and cocker spaniels, but all breeds are susceptible to this often quite painful condition. At any given time,...

              Posted: August 15, 2023