"Of all possessions, a friend is the most precious."

- Heradotus

Latest News: Illness & Disease

Does My Dog Have an Ear Infection?

Canine ear infections are most commonly associated with floppy-eared dogs like beagles and cocker spaniels, but all breeds are susceptible to this often quite painful condition. At any given time,...

Posted: August 15, 2023

Do Cats Need Heartworm Prevention?

Dog parents know that heartworms are a serious threat, but do we also need to worry about our feline friends? While feline infections are less prevalent, cats can and do contract heartworms...

Posted: August 1, 2023

Dog’s Tear Duct Sticking Out? It’s Cherry Eye

Notice a smooth, bright red or pink bulge in the inner corner of your dog’s eye? Your pup is experiencing a prolapsed nictitating gland, more commonly known as cherry eye. This condition is...

Posted: May 31, 2023

Diarrhea in Puppies: When to Worry

It’s always tough for pet parents when their puppy is feeling under the weather, but prolonged diarrhea can be life-threatening. Unlike mature dogs, with their bodily reserves of fat and...

Posted: January 31, 2023

Why Is My Cat Panting?

Though it’s less common in cats, panting isn’t strictly a dog behavior. If your kitty is breathing heavily, it’s a good idea to investigate the cause. Learn the most common...

Posted: December 31, 2022

Why Is My Dog Vomiting Yellow Foam?

Dog parents know that the occasional upset stomach comes with the territory. Infrequent vomiting (especially when there is an obvious cause) isn’t too worrisome, but what about when it’s...

Posted: November 30, 2022

Feline Diabetes 101

Veterinarians estimate that around 2% of domestic cats will develop feline diabetes in their lifetimes. Though that may seem relatively rare, certain factors and pre-existing health conditions can...

Posted: September 30, 2022

Common Joint Problems in Cats

Cats are known for their acrobatics, but joint pain can slow down even the most playful kitties. If you’ve noticed a change in your cat’s mobility or temperament, chronic discomfort...

Posted: August 31, 2022